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Sizes, togs and what to wear

Choosing a size

An ideal time to start using a grobag® baby sleeping bag is when your baby weighs more than 7 lbs (0-6 months size). It is very important to check that your baby's head cannot pass through the neck-hole when the grobag baby sleeping bag is fastened for use. Please remember that these are recommendations only as all babies are different.

Bag Size Child Wieght Child Length
0-6 months 7-17 lb up to 27"
6-18 months 18-24 lb 28"-34"
18-36 months 25 lb + 35"-39"

Make sure that your baby's legs and feet have freedom to move about by ensuring that the grobag baby sleeping bag is long enough for your baby. The lengths of grobag baby sleeping bags (from shoulder to bottom of the bag) are:

Age Size
0-6 months 30"
6-18 months 37"
18-36 months 44"

Choosing a Tog

A tog measurement is a European warmth rating: the higher the tog, the warmer the product. Grobag baby sleeping bags are available in three tog ratings.

Tog Description
2.5 tog Ideal for standard nursery temperatures of 61-69°F
1.0 tog Use during warmer weather and in nurseries of 69-73°F

Please note: A number of external factors determine the tog rating of the sleeping bag that should be used. These include the quantity of clothing the baby is wearing, the temperature of the infant's bedroom, the baby's health, and the amount of bedding necessary to keep an individual infant warm – this may vary as it does for adults.

Check your baby regularly to ensure they do not overheat.

Your grobag baby sleeping bag comes with a free nursery thermometer to help you select which tog baby sleeping bag to use and what sleepwear to put your baby in.

What to Wear Guidelines

The table below shows guidelines for the amount of clothing for your baby and the correct tog of grobag baby sleeping bag that should be used in different nursery temperatures. Please remember that these are recommendations only as all babies are different. You will soon discover the best level of clothing for your individual baby.

2.5 tog 1.0 tog
75°F   Short-sleeved bodysuit
71°F   Long-sleeved bodysuit
69°F Long-sleeved bodysuit Short-sleeved bodysuit and pajama top
65°F Long-sleeved bodysuit and pajama top  
61°F Short-sleeved bodysuit and pajama set  

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